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This Sunday we will be holding our second drive through communion. During the Zoom service we will recite the liturgy together then after the service you can drive to the church where Pastor David will serve you and your family in your car. He will maintain social distancing to keep you safe.

Time: 11:30 - 12:30
• Drive to the church parking lot (lower level), stay in your car, and line up following the directions of the volunteers. Keep a safe distance between cars.

• When it is your turn slowly drive up and Pastor David will give you a tray with bread and cup(s).
• After receiving communion Pastor David will say a short blessing with you.
• Carefully drive home. 

A face covering/mask is required per Illinois State Health order. Please remember to keep social distance at all times. If you are a member of a vulnerable demographic or are ill please stay home.

Communion Sunday, slide.jpg


Since this is the first Sunday of the month we will be having communion at both the early and the late outdoor services.

  • We have purchased prepackaged communion elements consisting of a wafer and a cup of juice. They will be handed out as you enter the outdoor worship area

  • During the service we will recite the liturgy. The Pastor will lead and there will be a reader doing the congregation part. You can follow along if you know the words.

  • Of course remove your mask when you partake of the elements and replace it when you are done.

We will also hold our drive through communion for those who attend our Zoom service. It will be from 11:30 to 12:30. Just drive to church and follow the directions of the volunteers to the lower lot. There the Pastor will hand you the prepackaged communion elements, maintaining social distance, and then say a short blessing over the people in your car.

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