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The Northern Illinois Conference


The Northern Illinois Conference's ReTurn Team’s Plan for returning to our ministries in a safe and healthy way is now available.


As the situation surrounding the pandemic has been somewhat fluid, we expect to adjust the Plan periodically as new information surfaces and new developments occur. Today, we are releasing Version 1. 


The recommendations of the ReTurn Team are organized according to the phases to restore Illinois. Even if those phases are overturned, the plan is a sensible, practical resource for returning safely to our ministries and planning for subsequent phases as health officials monitor cases, casualties, and containment.


The ReTurn Team Plan raises lots of questions for churches to consider depending on congregation size, the size of your building or campus, your community, and more. But the most critical aspect of the plan is that you need to develop a health team. If you haven’t already, you need to pull together some people who know your building, work in your various ministries, and include (if you can) someone who has some health science background. Maybe you’re already using your church council in this way, but you need to begin to prepare.


Thank you for your patience as the ReTurn Team diligently worked on this comprehensive document. 


For more information and resources, visit


~ReTurn Team and the NIC Cabinet


ReTurn Team Members:

Hope Chernich • Chan Ik Choi

Seamus Enright • Mark Gilmore

Rob Hamilton • Grace Imathiu

Lisa Kruse-Safford • Woo Min Lee

Pamela Pirtle • Megan Smick

Kathy Wellman• Chris Winkler


In consultation with The Northern Illinois Conference Cabinet and Bishop Sally Dyck

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