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Youth Ministry at OSUMC

Summit youth group is home to our 6th through 12th grade students. We are intentional about creating a safe environment for students to explore their faith with adult leaders as well as other students. There are no questions too big for us to discuss. We realize students are living in a much different world than just a few years ago. Together we hope to continue leading a youth program which offers hope to all who are involved in our Summit Ministry.

Our weekly youth group events include games, food, relevant teaching, small groups and worship, all run by our staff student ministry leader, Martha Walker, and her incredible volunteer team.

Our youth program is also known for its emphasis on missions. It's our job to provide students with service opportunities locally, domestically as well as internationally. We hope to guide them into a life of serving others as we fulfill our call of discipleship.

In these ever-changing times, we need a youth ministry which provides consistency. Come join us Sunday evenings in a safe place to explore your faith, ask questions, connect with the creator, and become a living example of faith in the world.

OSUMC SUMMIT- Leading Students on a higher path. It's a place where you come as you are. All are welcome!

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